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Helen C. Cannon Junior High School is committed to preparing students to become responsible citizens of the community who are critical thinkers, independent learners, and effective communicators.


We believe Cannon is a:

  • School with a safe, comfortable physical environment for student learning.

  • School with high student expectations where all students can learn.

  • School offering students various instructional techniques for quality learning.

  • School where various learning needs are the primary focus for all decisions.

  • School where teachers, administrators, parents, and the community all work together for continued advancement of our mission statement.

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News and Announcements

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Carl Congratulates Ms. Ford! 
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Ms. Ford is a hard working teacher. She is very focused and tells a lot of stories. I like how she deals with her students even though her students can sometimes be annoying. She teaches me perfectly in a way I understand. She is very intelligent. - Za’Yon Johnson


Ms. Ford is a very engaging teacher who knows how to work with her students. Even if her students are disrespectful, she knows how to deal with these situations in rational ways. She is very kind and thorough with her teaching. - Keana Sy


Ms. Ford knows how to handle situations if a student doesn’t understand. I like how she enjoys to read more than most people would. She likes to tell stories. I like how she has her classroom set up. Our time in her class is scheduled and I always know what to expect.  -Lori’Elle Yong


Ms. Ford is an outstanding teacher who cares about her students and their learning.  She spends countless hours researching and developing lessons and activities that are engaging and challenging, which maximizes her students growth in reading and English.  She goes above and beyond by providing students with the support and opportunity they need to be successful in her classes, while also establishing a classroom environment focused on learning.  Additionally, as the ELA department chair, publications teacher, and TV production teacher, Ms. Ford truly helps to make Cannon a great place for both teachers and students.  Congratulations Ms Ford, you are well deserving of the "Carl Congratulates Award."  


Ms. Amanda Ford is a marvelous mentor, caring colleague, and fabulous friend! She shows her love for the students and school by keeping us informed with the announcements, celebrating school spirit with the yearbook, and attending most events on campus. She helps the ELA team stay motivated by letting us know it's okay to have "B" days because not everything is always perfect. My respect and admiration for Ms. Ford is vast and she deserves to be congratulated for all she does!  -Ms. Schlaff


Amanda is an amazing teacher! Her dedication to education and her students is admirable. She always strives to create engaging, thought provoking lessons for her students and has no problem sharing her awesome ideas with colleagues. Amanda was the first teacher that I met at Cannon and she has always been welcoming, supportive, and willing to help in any way she can since day one! -Ms. Watson

Congratulations to Laura Chir, Winner of the Heart of Education Award!


Ms. Chir was one of twenty winners selected out of 733 finalists!

Yondr Procedure

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Student ID Procedure

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School Lunches

All Students attending Cannon JHS have access to free breakfast and lunch each day school is in session. 


The CCSD lunch menus are available online at We also have a link to the site directly from our school website! Check it out!


Due to safety and security reasons, students and families are not permitted to have fast food delivered to the office. This includes, but is not limited to Uber Eats, Postmates, Grubhub, or DoorDash.

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