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Helen C. Cannon Junior High School is committed to preparing students to become responsible citizens of the community who are critical thinkers, independent learners, and effective communicators.


We believe Cannon is a:

  • School with a safe, comfortable physical environment for student learning.

  • School with high student expectations where all students can learn.

  • School offering students various instructional techniques for quality learning.

  • School where various learning needs are the primary focus for all decisions.

  • School where teachers, administrators, parents, and the community all work together for continued advancement of our mission statement.

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News and Announcements

Carl Congratulates Mr. Parker! 

He has a funny sense of humor and he likes to tease us. When it comes to work, he doesn’t mind helping everybody. One time I was frustrated with a fraction question and Mr. Parker helped me understand it better. He is a good teacher.   -Lokelani Kido-Kaluhiokalani


Mr. Parker is really funny. He helps a lot when we don’t understand some thing in class. He will stop the class to help us. My favorite thing I learned is pre algebra. When he reteaches, he makes an easier way to understand the problem instead of doing it the hard way. He helps us not only with math, he sometimes helps us with other things. He uses candy to motivate us to get the day’s mind trap.  -Isabella Chauste Pinzon


Mr. Parker is such a valuable member of the math team. He is always quick to share new discoveries and resources. He was the first to discover the MAP math screener and he uploaded ALL of the Big Ideas materials for every math teacher in the department. Cannon is lucky to have him!  - Ms. Mini


Mr. Parker is a caring and hardworking educator. He truly cares for his students and is making a huge impact in their lives. I’m grateful for the advice, support and feedback that he has given me in my 1st year of teaching math! I always enjoy our little hallway chit chats, they keep me going throughout the day. It’s a pleasure to work with Mr. Parker. Thank you for everything that you do here at Cannon.  - Ms. Jennifer McClister


Mr. Parker is a master teacher whose easy going and supportive nature makes him a favorite among the Cannon students.  He works hard to provide instruction that meets the needs of his students and provides instruction that is grade level appropriate.  His high expectations for students, both behaviorally and academically, establishes a rich environment that helps his students to do their very best.  Additionally, Mr. Parker's experience is used to mentor various teachers in the math department, including the principal, when he was long term subbing in the math department.  Thank you Mr. Parker for everything you do to help our students and school to achieve.  You truly deserve the Carl Congratulates Award!  -Dr. McKay

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Hope Church- Back to School Fair


Congratulations to Laura Chir,
Winner of the 2022 Heart of Education Award!

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Yondr Procedure

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Student ID Procedure

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School Lunches

All Students attending Cannon JHS have access to free breakfast and lunch each day school is in session. 


The CCSD lunch menus are available online at We also have a link to the site directly from our school website! Check it out!


Due to safety and security reasons, students and families are not permitted to have fast food delivered to the office. This includes, but is not limited to Uber Eats, Postmates, Grubhub, or DoorDash.

Fresh Green Salad with Feta
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