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Helen C. Cannon Junior High School is committed to preparing students to become responsible citizens of the community who are critical thinkers, independent learners, and effective communicators.


We believe Cannon is a:

  • School with a safe, comfortable physical environment for student learning.

  • School with high student expectations where all students can learn.

  • School offering students various instructional techniques for quality learning.

  • School where various learning needs are the primary focus for all decisions.

  • School where teachers, administrators, parents, and the community all work together for continued advancement of our mission statement.

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News and Announcements

Save the Date!

Winter Band Concert: December 1st, 5:30 PM

Winter Mariachi Concert: December 7th, 6:00 PM

Winter Orchestra Concert: December 8th, 6:00 PM

Carl Congratulates Ms. McClister & Ms. Parr

Ms. McClister

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Some days I’m not the best, but I want to try really hard for her because I love Ms. McClister. She is very beautiful. I’m happy she is teaching me. I learn a lot from her. Thank you, Ms. McClister! - Nyela Handy


When people talk and get on her nerves, she doesn’t yell at us. She tells us to listen. She is really kind. I like how she talks, but doesn’t talk over us. She waits until we calm down. She teaches us how to be gentlemen and gentlewomen. -Justus Broadway


Ms. McClister is never mean. She is really kind. She teaches very well. She always helps us whenever we need help. -Ariannah Nowak


Ms. McLister is an awesome educator.  Her serene touch and brilliant ideas have given the 6th grade team a breath of fresh air. Her optimistic approach builds solid relationships with students.  Ms. McClister’s passion and determination should not go unnoticed. - Kelli McGruder


It has been my pleasure working with Ms. McClister this year.  She has such an amazing, positive attitude when working with middle schoolers for the first time.  I have enjoyed our conversations and our exchange of ideas on lessons.  She is a great addition to the school and a wonderful asset to the math department.  Hopefully, middle school hasn't scared her too much because I look forward to working with her in the years to come. - John Parker

Ms. Parr

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She’s hard working. I knew her since Pre-K and ever since I knew her she was the best teacher ever! She’s nice to all of her kids that she’s been with and she gives us so many snacks. She’s not like none of these mean teachers. If we need help, then she’s always there. I”m glad she didn’t move schools. - Zihya Powell


I have a lot of nice things to say about Ms. Parr. If you do cross her path, like if you are rude to someone, she will call you out on that. If you say something under your breath, she will hear you and she will warn you first and tell you. She has so much patience. She’s the best! -Nicholas Allen


She’s the nicest person. When we focus on work she gives us Jolly Ranchers or “Jolly Pops” If we need her help, we raise our hand and she comes and helps us! She’s like our mother, but at school. -Alissa Merjil


Ms. Parr is the best teammate and she is ALWAYS in class ready to help me in the classroom. She puts up with so much from the kids and I since we run a very busy classroom. She is our master builder when it comes to robotics, and we couldn’t do it without her. Even when she had serious issues (such as losing a thumb!) she’s still in the classroom working just as hard as ever. She’s even insulted to be asked to ‘take it easy’. I love her and hope we are together for a long time to come. I love Stubby! - Laura Chir

Congratulations to Laura Chir, Winner of the Heart of Education Award!


Ms. Chir was one of twenty winners selected out of 733 finalists!

Yondr Procedure

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Student ID Procedure

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School Lunches

All Students attending Cannon JHS have access to free breakfast and lunch each day school is in session. 


The CCSD lunch menus are available online at www.ccsd.net. We also have a link to the site directly from our school website! Check it out!


Due to safety and security reasons, students and families are not permitted to have fast food delivered to the office. This includes, but is not limited to Uber Eats, Postmates, Grubhub, or DoorDash.

Fresh Green Salad with Feta