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Cannon kids are zoned for Vegas Libraries

The Cannon library offers many resources and services to enhance each student's educational experience and to promote information literacy.

Books - Our library contains many books, but we are in the process of receiving over seven-hundred more fiction and non-fiction books this year. Organized by the Dewey Decimal system, our non-fiction section offers our patrons up-to-date information on a wide assortment of topics including sciences, languages, history, music, careers, and biographies. The fiction section, organized by an author's last name, contains classics, pop fiction, story collections, and many other types of literature. The reference collection, organized by subject and series number, includes biographies, English language Arts, miscellaneous, science, history, geography, and music encyclopedias. 

Fines - Books are the responsibility of the student who checks them out. If they are lost or stolen that student must pay the fee. There is also a fine for books being turned in late. This is $.05/day late.

Student Project Area - We have added this new section in our library to accommodate those students who are working on big visual projects (poster boards, etc.).  In this area they will have colored pencils, crayons, markers, scrap paper, old magazines to cut from, design scissors, regular scissors, glue and rulers.

Computers - All students are permitted on the computers if they have turned in their internet permission form for the year.  

School Supplies & Services - Students can print from the computer or copier for free.  Pens and pencils are also available for $.25 to $.50.

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